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Adriana Zurita-Wise

Healthy, beautiful skin is achieved with commitment. I'm here to embark on this journey with you.
Skin Care has been my passion for over 15 years. I have trained and worked with the best in the field in the US, Europe and South America.
Come visit me in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains and let's make your skin dreams come true #skinwhisperer #orgasnicfacial


the Signature Organic  Facial

90 mins.                     $190

A deep exfoliating custom Facial using the highest grade Organic ingredients from around the world followed by a mind blowing lifting and draining face and scalp massage.

the Diamond File Exfoliation

60 mins.                         $160

Actual crushed diamonds are filed over the skin to remove excess oils and dead skin: helps to fade dark spots, smooth imperfections and allows the following customized mask to truly penetrate your skin...come get your glow back!

the LED Facial

45 mins.                        $160

This space-age facial harnesses the specific wavelengths in LED light to calm breakouts and inflammation, making it ideal for those with acne-prone skin and redness. A single treatment can improve both, but it is recommended to receive 3-4 sessions to notice a dramatic reduction.

Facial Treatment
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the Custom Peel/Facial

60 mins.                           $160

From the light one to the "shedding for a week" one, we will pick the right chemical peel based on you skin condition and your lifestyle.

the HydroFacial

60 mins.                             $190

The equivalent to a power wash for your skin will leave you feeling radiant, hydrated and pampered. With a vacuum technology, it will gently suction dirt, sebum and dead skin cells to reveal a polished New You.

the Clock Stopper

70 mins.                              $250

Thermo-Energy heats the underlying layers of the skin and in combination with phyto-cosmeceuticals constricts and tightens, as well as stimulates collagen and elastin production. We then use the power of LED to take this treatment to another level. A MUST try for anyone over 30!

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the Mountain Man Facial

60 mins.                     $160

Calling all rugged men!

All you wonderful creatures that love the outdoors and need a good deep pore cleansing.

Let's get you feeling brand new before your next waterfall hike

the Cryo-Visage  Fire and Ice 

45 mins.                         $160

Also called FIRE and ICE facial, this amazing technology delivers heat and cryo therapy into the skin to stimulate collagen, lymphatic drainage and promotes blood flow.
Especially recommended for under the chin and jowls.
In combination with highly concentrated ampoules, your skin is infused with much needed nutrients for instant results
Favorite treatment to the starts before a red carpet!

the Cryo-Body

60 mins.              $190 (per area)

 Heat and cold is delivered into the treated area to drain and smooth the lumps and bumps away. Optimal results are achieved with 3-4 sessions so hurry before bathing suit season

Home: Treatments


"My skin has never been the same ever since I started having facials with Adriana".

Angie M.

"Can't say enough about how beautiful my skin looks and feels after an RF treatment! That light is magic".

Lisa B.

"My son's face cleared up after 4 sessions with the blue LED light, he actually likes his skin now".

Anna K.

"As if the facial isn't enough, the massage is so relaxing".


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